How should marketing respond to the crisis?


Current situation

Like many other countries, Russia was not prepared for the latest global crisis — the extraordinary combination of commodity wars, COVID-19 and global financial markets collapse.

With closed borders and the “stay home” policy, consumer buying activity is dropping fast.

The essential step for any business today is the prioritization of all costs, including marketing.

That means you must have a better understanding of changing consumer behaviour and how to implement low-cost projects with high impact short term results.

It is time to reboot and review priority areas

Step 1. Empower digital channel control

Now that your consumer is spending more time online, you need to activate all digitals channels to improve sales and your brand image.

Step 2. Offer alternative pricing to the consumer

Another crucial tactical decision is to create a more attractive sales proposition through pricing, promotions and discounts.

Step 3. Put long-term, expensive projects on hold

Consumer research now plays a particularly valuable role given the current situation of high uncertainty. Nevertheless, expensive studies are impractical – they need to be low-cost with a quick turnaround.

Prioritize quick and effective solutions

Prioritize quick and effective solutions

Digitalizm helps you quickly adapt to new conditions at a low cost



A platform for the quick launch of promotions and loyalty clubs with receipts from e-commerse and offline purchases.

Product features:

  • Promotion launch in just less than 2 business days
  • Online and offline purchase receipts participation
  • Choose promo mechanics according to brand objectives
  • Promo placement on a brand domain
  • FDO/FTS receipt validation in less than 5 seconds
  • Instant rewards
  • Loyalty Club creation
  • BTL Automation

Application areas:

  • Promotions
  • Loyalty Clubs
  • Joint Promotions
  • Brand Portfolio Management


Streaming platform for subscription-based video broadcasting with the option of custom integrations.

Product features:

  • Monetization by subscription
  • Huge branding opportunities
  • Mobile and Desktop support
  • Video on demand

Application areas:

  • Brand events and conferences
  • Fitness
  • Cultural events
Digital Listening Research

Digital Listening Research

Discover what people are saying about you across social networks, forums and blogs to understand your consumer’s brand or product experience – and get ahead of problems. Use demographic or geographic targeting. Activate competitive analyses. Choose a one-time study or continuous monitoring. Use as an alternative or addition to qualitative and quantitative audience research.

The research includes:

  • Raw data collection on mentions
  • Data processing
  • Data analysis and results interpretation
  • Recommendations

Application areas:

  • Find for creative insights
  • Audience research
  • Strategy development
Qualitative and Quantitative audience analysis

Qualitative and Quantitative audience analysis

Unlike DIGITAL LISTENING and ROUTE-TO-SEARCH this analysis method allows you to do more than observe but enter a dialogue with your audiences to ask relevant questions and study issues more deeply.

The research includes:

  • Compilation of a relevant selection of respondents
  • Definition of research methodology
  • High-quality online focus group analysis
  • In-depth interviews
  • Hypothesis development
  • Quantitative research to test hypotheses online
  • Development of recommendations
  • Results showcase

Application areas:

  • Product or brand launch
  • Audience analysis
  • User experience (UX) design


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