For the opening of the broadcast, we created animated screensavers, with a countdown clock and interesting facts about the business launched half an hour before the beginning of the livestream. Following pre-recorded company videos, the event was live with company experts presenting their insights into the business. And to keep viewers’ attentions during breaks, the Digitalizm Lokstream team designed an interactive game featuring McDonald's bestsellers.
The whole broadcast was built to global PCI DSS data security standards, with the ability to view limited to one device per person through mandatory broadcast tokenization.
This means that the system generated a unique temporary token for each authorized user. If that person tried to transfer his or her access – or attempted to open the video on several devices – the token would be invalidated and the connection cut.
We initially developed this technology for pay-per-view content, but as this McDonald's case-study shows, it can also provide new levels of security for our corporate event customers.
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