You have a digital challenge of any complexity or scale. We have the team to deliver it. With more than 50 specialists across the entire spectrum of digital development and execution, our clients benefit from the advanced technical expertise, digital innovation and break-through creative that we bring to the table.


Our capabilities

See below for the full range of digital services we provide our clients around the world. Have a question about how to go about your digital transformation? Get in touch with us here.


We work with some of the most forward thinking brand owners and businesses in the world. Our clients know they have to put digital at the centre of their business strategies, and they choose DIGITALIZM to help them.




There is no such thing as a completely secure digital environment. If it is built by humans, it can be destroyed by humans. With that in mind, DIGITALIZM believes that security is the single most important premise from which to start every project. We are PCI DSS compliant, as is our hosting. Our services are protected by VPN, two-factor authentication, and SSL with TLS 1.1+, performance monitored by New Relic, DDoS defended by Qrator and data encrypted in transfer and at rest.


Our pricing is transparent with three models to choose from.

Fixed gives you a set amount of time, resources and management for a given project. Costed properly, this can be a highly cost-effective model.

Time & Materials gives you a more flexible approach to development to allow for deeper performance monitoring and change management.

Dedicated Team gives you the full weight of DIGITALIZM’s expertise in every area of digital marketing production and management.


DIGITALIZM has been honing its Agile & Scrum development capabilities for years. Highly suited to elastic and sprint projects and tech startups, our teams can work at your pace, not matter how hectic the environment.

For fixed cost, time and requirement projects, we prefer the waterfall approach of cascading iterations to get your job done on time and in budget.


Right at the start of the discovery phase of any project we collect the right individuals and teams for each task. We have a world class expert for every stage of the process and every problem it might throw up.

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