We identified the significance of social media for each of the university’s different audience segments, and sketched out this digital ecosystem to better understand what communication would be optimal for each.
We then re-designed content plans for the relevant social media networks, including VK, Instagram, FB-ru and FB-eng – and invented a branded visual style for all platforms where before there was none.
Case  1
Case  2
Case  3
Case  4
Case  5
Case  6
Case  7
Case  8
Case  9
Case  10
Case  11
Case  12
Case  13
Case  14
Case  15
Case  16
Case  17
Case  18
Case  19
Case  20
We then tested the different formats that might work for the complex communications required for the best medical university in Russia – handing over our findings, plans and bespoke digital assets for university staff to execute.
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