Marrying a deep understanding of actual business requirements with state-of-the art site design, we conceptualize, develop, test, roll-out and offer continuous enhancement to client websites and portals. Our web development experts are recognized specialists in customer engagement and consumer digital experience.


We combine advanced technical talent with a mobile-centric approach to create customised apps that deliver your business objectives. Your mobile app screen is developed first, rather than as a secondary adaptation, resulting in a user experience optimised for customer interaction across all devices and platforms – IOS, Android or Windows Mobile.


We design and optimize the ultimate in user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI). Our UX designers define interaction models, user task flows and set specifications for you, share different scenarios, wire frames and screen designs for your input, and then incorporate visual identities to create the full, end-to-end user experience.


We are ideally set up to meet your full design production needs. With more than 15 in-house digital designers we provide a full UI/UX design capability. We invest in our people through frequent training courses around the globe, enabling world class standards of quality and delivery, every time.


With mobile digital media time now having surpassed desktop consumption, Front-end excellence is more critical than ever. Our experienced Front-end team ensures responsive design across all platforms – resulting in an advanced user experience for every target audience. Digitalizm has best-in-class front-end capabilities across any technology (e.g. Java, C++)


Big business is increasingly adopting large-scale, enterprise, content management systems (CMS). We adapt these solutions to ensure tailored, long term and sustainable use. We manage the transition fully, localising different vendors such as WordPress, Adobe AEM, Drupal and Sitecore.


Welcome to the Digitalizm Innovation & Technology Catalyst Team. Our role is to discover how to implement the most advanced technical developments, from Chat Bots to VR / AR, big data innovations and beyond, we make recommendations based on extensive technical knowledge and your business objectives.

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