DIGITAL LISTENING™ is a sophisticated analysis of current and past digital discussions among your target customers and those that influence them. It explores the perceptions, behaviour and digital environment of your brand and category. Frequency, context and brand discussion, word and content associations all provide actionable, on-line consumer segmentation.


A framework for assessing a brand’s digital performance within its competitive landscape, Digital Compass™ allows our clients’ brands and categories to navigate their digital space. Audience size and profile. Community responsiveness and sentiment analysis. Traffic and engagement. We help you determine the right axis for your business context.


Our ROUTE-TO-SEARCH™ methodology allows us to develop a 12-month master plan for your brand. We will map your category based on current search patterns; identify major search groups to analyse; determine your search visibility (SOV) compared to other category players, and then develop your customer’s search journey.


Digitalizm’s UX/UI experience is extensive. We test, refine and iterate until we are sure that the digital brand experiences we create maximise brand resonance and commercial performance.


We apply rigour to the segmentation of your customers in the digital space. Combining the knowledge of what consumers say about your brand and their search behavior with data obtained from your platforms, we develop actionable digital segmentation to confirm or enhance your offline segmentation or make one unnecessary.

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