“SOCIAL VOICE™” is a cutting edge tool pioneered to establish a unique, meaningful and recognisable social voice for your business. Looking deep into your brand’s DNA, we define its personality and social style through understanding your target audience’s psycho-demographics, product needs, attitudes and social behaviour.


Digitalizm has the technological know-how and the psychological insight required to turn any brand into an ever present, engaging social animal. We understand that different approaches are required for different social networks. When it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, one size does not fit all.


Big creative ideas deliver social campaigns with strength and traction. Our work, combined with targeted execution and full integration with all audience touch points, delivers a seamless and powerful social experience. Our campaigns are tested and optimised before being scaled up to reach as many of your target customers as possible.


Identifying and forging a strong relationship with your brand’s key influencers is critical. We know how to build mass communities around brands based on harnessing the power of the world’s most influential consumers.


Digitalizm uses a variety of analytical methods to assess your primary social media channels in your territories. We help determine your Social KPIs, the data you want to capture, and the tools to analyse it. We ensure data is brought to life within your organisation, and that findings drive immediate performance improvements.

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